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Halloween Recipes

  • Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin pie is a traditional American recipe associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin Hotpot - Substantial one-dish supper treat for the hungry Halloween tricksters
  • Pumpkin and Potato Fries - Mustard and garlic bring out the best in this fried pumpkin and potato dish; great accompaniment for your Halloween steaks
  • Little Goblins' Toffee Apples - Apples for halloween follow the tradition of the centuries old halloween game of trying to catch apples with your teeth from a barrel of water.Toffee apples appeared later at halloween fairs
  • Curried Banana Cauldron - A super banana curry supper for your little witches and goblins before they embark on an evening of trick or treating
  • Trick or Treat Chilli - Enjoy a bowl of this warming chilli with some crusty bread before you hop aboard your broomstick
  • Lucky Boxty Pancakes - These potato pancakes are a well known Halloween dish in Ireland: a silver sixpence, wrapped in greaseproof paper, and hidden in the pancake meant good luck of the finder in the coming year
  • Sheep's Head and Barley Broth - This stewed sheep's head and trotters recipe might not strictly be traditional Halloween fare but it will certainly terrify all but the strongest of witches at the supper table
  • Spooky Spiced Chicken - Deliciously wicked grilled chicken in a tongue tickling spicy marinade
  • Graveyard Goulash - A warming Hungarian style casserole of tender pieces of beef in a paprika and pepper sauce with a delicious sour cream topping
  • Black Widow Fizz - Tangy apple and ginger ale drink; great thirst-quencher for busy ghouls and witches
  • Doctor Deaths’ Rooster Soup - A SOUPer way of keeping warm when on graveyard patrol
  • Wicked Witches’ Sticky Fingers - Scrumptious honey and raisin cookies to placate your ravenous little demons on Halloween evening
  • Black Cats’ Treacle Treats - Crunchy treacle cookies for the ‘trick or treat’ gang
  • Scary Spider’s Spicy Sausage Sandwiches - A scrumptious spicy sausage filling for a fresh crusty baquette
  • Hobgoblins’ Pumpkin Pudding - A scrumptious chilled pumpkin dessert with a delicious orange and cinnamon flavour that will cool the hottest hobgoblin
  • Halloween Popcorn Balls - These scrumptious corn balls in a yummy syrup coating will bring a smile to the face of the meanest of Halloween witches
  • Creepy Chilli Popcorn - Pop a mouthful of this corn into those troublesome goblins and watch them warm to the occasion
  • Witches Brew - Cast your own spell over trick or treating ghouls and witches with this thirst quenching blackcurrant and ginger beer drink
  • Halloween Chicken Hash - A delicious blend of chicken, onions and potatoes folded together to form a dish that can be served as a type of ghoulish omelette for your little pranksters
  • Day of the Dead Spicy Beef Tacos - No Halloween party is complete without a Mexican Day of the Dead dish so why not spice up your evening with these tasty tacos
  • Baked Apples with Dragons Droppings - A scrumptious apple dessert for hungry hobgoblins and wicked witches
  • Dracula's Bloodstained Burgers - Take a bite out of these tasty burgers and watch dracula's blood trickle down the bun

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