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Fish Recipes

  • Sweet and Sour Cod - Delectable fillet of cod in a sensational sweet and sour sauce
  • Herby Cod Surprise - Delicious cod dish that would taste good with a jacket potato
  • Crab Soufflé - Gorgeous crab soufflé for that special evening
  • Cod Kebabs - Choice cod and crunchy peppers, a deliciously different dinner
  • Cod Casserole - A super supper casserole of cod fillets in an unusual egg andd cheese sauce
  • Apricot and Honey Suffed Mackerel - An irresistible combination of apricots and honey, wine and cream make this an unforgettable meal
  • Grilled Mustard Mackerel - You'll be keen as mustard on this delicious grilled fish
  • Shrimp Bisque - Classic soup for that special occasion, very smooth and rich with brandy and cream
  • Kipper and Lemon Pate - Super pate packed with protein and minerals
  • Smoked Kipper Pasta - Bring a truly Mediterranean flavor to your table with this tasty pasta dish
  • Rosemary Grilled Red Mullet - Tasty red mullet giving you lean cuisine that's good for you and great for barbecues
  • Mustard Herrings - Luscious herrings in a tasty wine and mustard sauce
  • Cod Crisps - Succulent chunks of cod steaks, steamed then fried in batter
  • Prawns in Brandy - A saucy dish of prawns in white wine brandy and cream, tell your guests to leave the car at home and come by taxi!
  • Crab Thermidor - A glamorous seafood dish, yet quickly made
  • Plaice Mayonnaise - A delicious plaice salad that's great to serve with new potatoes or warm crusty bread
  • Salmon Toasts - Succulent salmon in a savoury sauce, topped with cheese and served on toast
  • Trout with Almonds - Terrific trout with tasty almond pan juices
  • Salmon Bake - Wonderful flaked salmon baked in a gorgeous creamy sauce
  • Anchovy Twists - Dainty little strips of anchovy in cheese pastry twists; great for your buffet party

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