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Easter Recipes

  • Lemon Cross Buns - Lemony variation of the traditional Easter bun with a tangy mamrmalade glaze.
  • Hot Cross Buns - Spicy Buns for a Good Friday Breakfast.
  • Easter Biscuits - Traditionally made Easter currant cookies. Why not try replacing the currants and spices with 3oz of chocolate chips?
  • Easter Fruit Cake - A simple fruit cake that needs no rubbing in or creaming. A great cut-and-come-again cake that keeps well in the baking tin if covered with foil.
  • Bunny Biscuits - An Easter Recipe for Bunny Biscuits - A special treat for the kids, they'll just love the mallow tails.
  • Easter egg starter - A quick and easy starter before your Easter roast lamb.
  • Good Friday Fish Pie - A really satisfying Good Friday supper traditionally enjoyed by fishermen and their families.
  • Easter Sunday Saffron Cake - A Mediterranean flavor to the Easter table. Saffron originates from Greece; Saffron cakes and small saffron buns were eaten with clotted cream in Devon and Cornwall during the Easter period.
  • Easter Roast Lamb - The traditional Easter fare for the family get-together. Choose succulent roast lamb with the first new potatoes for a truly enjoyable feast.
  • Saucy apple tartlets for Easter roast lamb - An unusual and delicious accompiament to your roast lamb that cannot fail to impress your guests.
  • Easter Spring Chicken - A succulent variation on an old favorite that's both easy and economical.
  • Easter Sunday Leg of Lamb with Apricots - A special treat for a special day. The flavor of the apricots and the honey and mustard coating makes this a most enjoyable experience.
  • Easter Bread - Greek Easter Bread (tsoureki) which is baked and twisted into sweet bread-loaves are traditionally distributed on Easter Sunday.
  • Easter Nests - A Fabulous Easter treat
  • Easter Trifle - This delicious trifle full of fruits and liqueur serves six although it's almost too good to share

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