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Bonfire Night Recipes

  • Banger Burgers - Treat the kids to these super burgers before they set out to watch the fireworks
  • Bean and Banger Supper - Put an extra sparkle in the kids eyes as you serve up this sizzling sausage supper
  • Guy Fawkes Casserole - A warming stew to fortify the family before going out to watch the fireworks; great with a baked potato
  • Bonfire Potato Dogs - A tasty bonfire snack or supper that can be made in minutes in the microwave
  • Bombs on Sticks Toffee Apples - Scrumptious, crunchy toffee apples for the young and young at heart
  • Houses of Parliament Soup - A hearty vegetable soup, ideal for those cold November evenings
  • Treason Toffee - Gorgeous chewy squares of treacle toffee
  • Fireworks Fruit Punch - Great party centerpiece to serve your thirsty guests after standing round that hot bonfire
  • Parkin - Traditional sticky cake to serve on bonfire night; yummy mix of oatmeal, ginger, treacle and syrup.
  • Chocolate Catherine Wheels - Delightful little cookies with a chocolatey rum flavour
  • Bonfire Fried Chicken - Super sizzling fried chicken coated in breadcrumbs that tastes delicious with a baked potato and corn relish
  • Creamy Ember Jackets - Baked potatoes with a scintillating sour cream and chive topping. Ideal on a cold November night

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