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Sizzling Cherries

Serves 4


Just the right dessert after you've gorged yourself on kebabs, this dainty dish of cherries is surprisingly satisfying.

  • 1lb. (500g) unripe cherries
  • 1tsp. arrowroot
  • 1 tsp. mixed spice
  • 2oz. (50g) lump sugar
  • 1tbsp. lemon juice

    Cooking Instructions:
    1. Rinse the cherries and remove the stalks
    2. Toss the cherries in arrowroot then put them in a foil dish with a quarter pint (125ml) cold water, lemon juice and mixed spice
    3. Simmer the cherries until tender, stirring occasionally
    4. Crush the lump sugar and sprinkle over the cherries when they are ready to be served

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